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These little sugar scrubs in cube form are not only cute but practical, for a couple of reasons:

To begin, they are single use to avoid contamination that can occur in regular sugar scrubs. They also contain soap so they won’t create the mess that our regular sugar scrubs do. (Although we love our regular scrubs, we are aware of their pros and cons)

Secondly, Stripped Shower Scrubs = No Bacteria

Water used in skincare products makes them much more prone to microbial growth. If you aren’t recapping your scrubs and taking good care of them, you could be unwittingly creating your kid’s next science experiment. From experience, we know that it can be a little frustrating trying to keep water from getting into the container when you’re using scrubs in the shower (especially when dipping wet fingers into the scrub).

By using a Stripped Shower Scrub, only what is needed for one use is brought in the shower, and the rest of the cubes stay dry and ready for use.

Next, Stripped Shower Scrubs = Less Oil Buildup

Unlike most sugar scrubs, these cubes contain soap. This serves two purposes. First, it helps avoid oil buildup in your shower, tub and drainpipes and also avoids buildup on the skin for people who are sensitive to oils.

Lastly, Stripped Shower Scrubs = Just Plain Cool!

While your friends are fumbling around with their store bought scrubs containing all manner of filler ingredients, you get an all-natural, organic and amazingly great smelling scrub all to yourself and get to be the envy of every exfoliation conversation!

HOW TO USE: These scrub cubes can be used on the body and feet. We do not recommend using them on the face.

Avoid use if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema (unless specifically noted for use), and avoid use on wounds, cuts, abrasions or damaged skin.

Use one cube per exfoliating session. Bring one cube into the shower with you. Allow it to get wet, and massage the cube into a soft workable, exfoliating paste in the palm of your hand. As you begin, you may find it easier to break the cube in half or into quarters and work with the smaller portion on one region of the body and then repeat.

Scrub gently in a slow, circular motion. Do not grind the scrub into your skin.