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With chaging climate, our lips can take a real beating.  The humectants in natural lip balms pull moisture out of the air and attach it to your lips. Water, in any form, is good for your lips, but will evaporate quickly without something to hold it there. Lip balms are made to hold the moisture in. Before applying lip balm, we reccomend exfoliating.  You can do this at home by mixing a little olive oil with granulated sugar or salt, and gently rubbing the mixture on your lips in a circular motion. Now you’re ready to moisturize!.
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Vanilla Lip Balm Stripped Lips - Vanilla Swirl 2pk

Forget all about the chemical-ridden lip gloss formulas pumped out by cosmetic companies, and get back to the basics with a new variety of healing natural balm crafted from organic components to smack onto your lips!

Our Price: $5.50
Cherry Lip Balm Stripped Lips - Cherry Bomb 2pk

Tart cherry extract is packed with antioxidants -- powerful substances that protect your body against free radicals, which are unstable molecules that damage healthy cells.

Our Price: $5.50